26 Oktober 2012

all endings are also beginning

Hey guys! Our exchange to Wayland Acadamy is ending too soon! Only 3 days left on Campus, eew... But 4 days in Chicago are following, so it isn't the end of our America Adventure. Really everything was absolutly awesome and made so much fun. I guess that's why time got by so fast. In the last days we visited some Amish people wich was very strange. They don't like it when someone takes pictures of them, but i could do some snapshots. We also were in an Amish School, but it was impossible for me to take pictures there unnoticed. Then, and that was the most fun of all, we were at a Football game of Wisconsin -- against ---. Of course our team won! The best thing was that we sat in the student area, so we had much more fun! :-D Yesterday we made a German Party for the students on our Campus with German Chocolate, Haribo, Cakes and stuff. Und was wir nicht gedacht hätten war, dass alles wirklich gut ankam ( - don't know how to say it in english :-D) Yeah, the other pictures are some snapshots of the days leftover. See you again, when i'm in Chicago, then you get some real pictures of an american city!♥
P.S.: The coolest thing is that on our campus - everywhere you look - are like 10 squirrels at once. And it's so cute how the americans pronounce 'Eichhörnchen', but  it's even harder to say 'squirrel'! :-D 
On Campus:
At the Amish People:
In an typical American Restaurant:
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Lala :) hat gesagt…

Wie bearbeitest du die Bilder?

Johanna hat gesagt…

your pictures are simply amazing!!!! :))


Theresa hat gesagt…

Tolle Bilder <3

fuckinglara hat gesagt…

ich liebe deinen blog so, das ist echt unglaublich!
ich war auch 3 wochen in amerika, schau doch mal bei mir vorbei :-)