17 Oktober 2012

that feeling that doesn't go away just did

Hello my german fans. what's up?:D I think you all know that I'm in Chicago at this moment. Since last thursday, 5 days already oh my gosh, time flies. Everyone is just so nice and it's absolutely awesome here. The guys around here are so funny and every day we have something to laugh about. Some people might think we are a little bit crazy but that's true!...No that's just how german life goes :D A lot of people learn german as a subject in school and by the way they are really good! On our school are two german exchange studens for a year, too. I didn't had the chance to make many pictures around here but here is a little first impression for you about our flight over here and the school. Enjoy it ♥ xoxo Emma and Yvonni ♥
P.s.: Yes our english isn't really good, but we try our best :D