01 November 2012

Chicago Downtown

Yesterday Evening at 6 p.m. (german time) we arrived in Germany. It took me 3 hours to come home cause my mom is a 'super good driver', no seriously, the traffic was just awful! This may sound weird but the first thing i did back in Germany was to go to MCDonald.. :-D My Grandma was really hungry and because of the traffic we knew it would take a while to drive home, so we made a stop there. Even though i didn't ate a thing. Finally arriving home i showed the pictures i took in America to my family and told them everything there was to tell. And lately i fell asleep at 12 p.m. wich was 6 p.m. in Chicago and we left there at 11 p.m. the other day, so i was really, reeeeally tired. I slept until 1 p.m. today and i would've slept longer, if my mum haven't waked me up. The main thing i will do the next weeks is to get my old weight back :-D i guess i don't have to explain this more detailed. It's the american way of life. Okay, in this or the next posts you'll see the rest of the pictures i took in Chicago Downtown and surrounding. I must say this city is just awesome and time got by so fast. But it's always great to come home, too. And to everyone who things of visiting the USA: DO IT! It's absolutly worth it. Now I'am looking forward to have our american exchange stundents here in Germany. Greez♥
U-Bahn_MG_9692g_MG_9693f_MG_9731f_MG_9770gJohn Hancock TowerJohn Hancock TowerJohn Hancock Tower_MG_9912f
Bei Urban Outfitters! Der Laden war einfach der absolute Hammer, aber sooo teuer. :-(
bei Urban Outfitters
Die Kings bei Walgreens :-D
bei walgreens:D