26 Februar 2015

throwback: February

Some things to remember:

1. Find your voice. And speak up.
2. Understand that those people being mean to you or that one person who said something nasty is one in 7.3 BILLION. 
They’re fucking grains in the sand you’ll pass in a second.
3. Have smaller goals to get to a bigger one

4. If you please everybody. You’re pretty boring
5. Just because you don’t understand school. Doesn’t mean you won’t get the job you want
6. There’s never one way to achieve something. So if you fail. Find a different route that works for you.
7. Your body can change but your personality is what defines you
8. You have yourself. Make the most of that.

9. Mental pain. Is an illness. It can last years. But you’ll get better.
10. You only have one self. So don’t hurt you. You’re better then that.
11. Accept your flaws. You arn’t flawless. But once you accept them you are.
12. A small act of kindness can change someone’s life
13. You don’t always have to agree with everyone. But you don’t always have to argue with them either.
14. Appreciate what you have.

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